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The Perseid Collapse World


The Perseid Collapse series is the hugely successful four novel series by acclaimed author Steven Konkoly. The series is set in 2019 Maine following a devastating attack on the United States in the form of an electromagnetic pulse bomb. The United States is plunged into darkness as an EMP destroys the power grid. The attack also coincides with the annual Perseid meteor shower which produces an asteroid that splinters into meteorites. One of these meteorites creates a massive tsunami which engulfs the eastern seaboard from Maine to Virginia.

The devastating sequence of events creates a post collapse world seen through the eyes of the survivors, both good and bad. Due to the great success of The Perseid Collapse Series, Steve was contacted by amazon to create a new project within their highly successful Kindle World program. The result is the highly anticipated Perseid Collapse World.
We interviewed Steve who told us about this unprecedented collaboration of authors for Amazon:

Kindle Worlds is essentially fan-fiction—with a far better twist. Contributing authors have been authorized to use elements (characters, settings, plots, names) from the original stories, and they earn royalties on the stories they write. The Kindle Worlds Store contains several hundred stories, written by authors, readers and fans of hit books, TV series and comics, like Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines.
On February 3rd, 2015, Kindle Worlds will launch The Perseid Collapse Series World based on my hit post-apocalyptic books. As a reader, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to continue The Perseid Collapse journey with several talented authors.
As a contributor to Kindle Worlds, Steve (The Wayward Pines Collection and Atlantis: The Origin Mystery), is keenly aware of the immense satisfaction experienced by taking another author’s world and “running with it.” It’s intensely rewarding on a number of levels, and we are thrilled to introduce the Perseid Collapse Series to our readers.

Post-apocalyptic survival fiction inspires exploration, posing the question “what would you do?” We believe this single question drives the popularity of the genre. From the zombie apocalypse to a solar flare shutting down the electrical grid, we have a fascination with end of the world scenarios—and it has everything to with our own personal survival instinct. Further, prepper fiction is an excellent tool to bring the non-prepper into the fold. The goal is to place yourself into the shoes of the characters and ask "What would I do?"

As of now, Steven has assembled some of the top post apocalyptic authors in the world and has created a level of excitement on social media for the launch that is astonishing. For updates and more information, visit

In the meantime, please enjoy this video trailer created by Freedom Preppers Studios for The Perseid Collapse World.

First, let me introduce our contribution which immediately vaulted into the Top Ten of the Mystery, Suspense and Thriller category for Amazon Kindle and has held there since February 3.

Bobby Akart

American Preppers Network contributor +


"The year is 2019 and America has been attacked. Night became day and became night again as an inexplicable phenomena strikes the heartland. Some will use the darkness to shed light on new opportunities — with a nefarious purpose. Eli Russell and his Maine Liberty Militia intend to survive, and thrive, but at whose expense.
This is Eli Russell’s story. There are no good guys in Eli’s story, only bad people who take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in a world without rule of law. Refugees and preppers alike beware:
You can’t spell E – V – I – L without E – L – I."

Here is a list of the authors who have released their books into The Perseid Collapse World so far:

Tom Abrahams
Political Fiction With A Punch


James Rockwell is on vacation in Maine with his family, when an earth-changing explosion sends them on a race for their lives. Their first step is escaping an island in the midst of a tsunami, and it only gets more dangerous from there. Can they find their way home as civilization crumbles around them?"

Russell Blake
New York Times Best Selling Author

Russell Blake is a prolific writer, firebrand blogger, New York Times Bestseller and co-writes with Clive Cussler. His story is set in Mexico, on the eve of two storms, one far more devastating than anyone suspects. I guarantee you’ll enjoy his thrilling debut in the post-apocalyptic realm. Mexico will never be the same!

A. R. Shaw
Author of The Graham's Resolution Series

“Jamie McDaniels already lost one husband to the tragedy of the Jakarta pandemic six years ago; leaving her a widow with two daughters. She’d remarried to fill the void Matt’s death left in their lives. Unfortunately, Jeff Michaud bore no resemblance to Matt’s good character, to the point where he even abused her and the her daughters. Realizing her mistake too late, Jamie sees an opportunity to rid herself of him when tragedy strikes her neighborhood once again.
When Alex Fletcher sees her ploy to gain information about his plans, he knows Jeff has put her up to no good. She tries to hint in her response, but Alex isn’t cunning enough to see her attempt to gain his trust. In the end, he does her a favor by eliminating the mistake she regrets the most. With this second chance in life, even when the world is at its worst, Jamie returns the favor and stands her ground, never again to fill a void where her sovereign heart now lies.”

G. Michael Hopf
Throat Punch Fiction



G. Michael Hopf is a combat veteran of the first Gulf War, having thrived and survived as a Marine infantryman. We can’t think of anyone better suited to expand on the story of Lieutenant Colonel Grady’s Marines from Book One of The Perseid Collapse Series. We have a lot to look forward to in his story, as he leads a tight knit team of “Jarheads” from one coast to the next in search of a safe haven from The Perseid Collapse. Detachment will be launched into the Perseid Collapse World later this month.    

Ian Graham
Covert Ops Thriller Writer


The Amsterdam Directorate is written by political and covert operations thriller writer, Ian Graham. This novella explores the impact of the Perseid Event, on the dynamics of a township still recovering from The Jakarta Pandemic.

Set in rural Virginia, less than 150 miles from the largest recorded land strike in The Perseid Collapse Series, Ian puts his characters in the crosshairs of a natural and manmade collapse. The town of Amsterdam has mostly recovered from the 2013 pandemic, thanks to the directorate, but their hard won independence will be tested by outside forces hell bent on their destruction.

Sean T. Smith
Writing, Religion + The Apocalypse


Retired Army Ranger John Goodwin and his two daughters fight for their lives from sweltering FEMA camps to the mangrove swamps of the Florida Keys. As the massive federal relief effort triggers conflict between freedom and order, a family still reeling from loss finds themselves under attack. Can Alexandria find hope when all hope seems lost? Can John destroy his enemies and save his children without losing himself? After the Event, nothing is certain

David Forsyth
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author


David Forsyth is the author of the wildly successful Sedulity Series and the multiple novel Sovereign Spirit Saga. His works continue to dominate Amazon's Top 10 list in their genre.

Readers are in for a treat, as David shepherds the U.S.’s response to China’s involvement in the attack against America. You’re in for a treat, as the crew of the USS Florida, a cruise missile capable, nuclear submarine (SSGN), plies the waters of the Taiwan Strait, administering payback…U.S. style!

 Murray McDonald
Over 100,000 Books Sold on Amazon


Thriller and political writer from Scotland, Murray takes an “up close and personal” look at Red Dragon, the complex international conspiracy perpetrated by China to cripple the United States. Set in Maine, his story promises to be a white-knuckle ride to the “event.” Rockland will be released into The Perseid Collapse World later this month.

Tim Queeney
Adventure, Thriller Author from Exotic Locales


An adventure thriller writer with a flare for exotic and remote locations (most of them frozen), Tim’s story is set at Thule Air Force Base, home to the 21st Space Wing’s global network of missile warning and space surveillance sensors. I have no idea what he’s cooked up for readers, but I guarantee it will be fascinating…and cold.

These authors have joined the project and will be making their contribution announcements soon.

Steven C. Bird
The New Homefront Series
Commercial airline pilot, retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and author. To say Steven has a varied and interesting background is an understatement. With a passion for homesteading and self-sufficiency, Steven launched, The Last Layover, the first of three novels in The New Homefront Series in March 2014, taking the prepped-themed, post-apocalyptic charts by storm.

Paul Antony Jones
Disturbed Universe:
Wild, dark times are rumbling towards us
Author of the Extinction Point Series, a post-apocalyptic journey through a barren, hostile landscape unlike anything seen before. Paul has been writing for over 25 years as a journalist, short-story writer and freelance copywriter.

Randy Powers
Personal Readiness Consultant,Practical Tactical
Randy Powers is a preparedness expert and co-author with Steven Konkoly of the successful Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required

Alex Shaw
# 1 Kindle Best Selling Author
Alex brings an international perspective to The Perseid Collapse Series World. A Kyiv based business consultant, Alex has spent close to two decades absorbing the elements that breath life into his novels. Like the world he writes about, word is mum about the plot of his novella, though I believe it will feature Special Air Service Regiment (U.K.’s premier Special Forces unit).

Richard Stephenson
Best Selling Author of the New America Series
Richard’s New America series took Amazon readers by storm, pitting the U.S. against a Jihadist army hell bent on destroying America. Bringing the same zeal to The Perseid Collapse World, Richard explores the prison “liberated” by Eli Russell’s militia, and the chaos that ensues.

John W. Vance
Author of The Death Trilogy
Former Marine and CIA analyst, John launched onto the post-apocalyptic scene with The Death Trilogy, a frighteningly brutal story about a 90% lethal pandemic and the unfamiliar world that emerges in its aftermath.    

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Prepare for tomorrow.
~ by Bobby Akart
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