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The Importance of Prepper Fiction

By Steven Konkoly and Bobby Akart

What is the purpose of writing fiction? It does not tell a true story and the characters are not necessarily based upon real people. A well written story may be fabricated, but it helps us comprehend the world nonetheless. As Stephen King quipped: Fiction is the truth behind the lie.

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New preppers are ravenous for information on prepping and survival. We gather up survival guides providing us the outlines and checklists for creating a well-rounded preparedness plan which focuses on self-reliance. These indispensable guides are written in an educational, instructional format.

You will learn techniques and tactics for surviving on your own, including satisfying the primary needs of water, food, shelter and security. Some preparedness manuals are written by hardcore survivalists and one of the first, the granddaddy of them all, How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It by James Wesley-Rawles, led the way in emergency preparedness reference guides.

Prepper fiction has its advantages over the nuts and bolts preparedness guides. A prepper novel is written from the perspective of real people with families and situations we can relate to. (Yes, authors are real people too.) The narratives hit home rather than being sterile and analytical. An author of fiction writes from what he or she knows. They are preppers and survivalists too. Good authors relate their life experiences and passions in their work. Some are ex-military while others are just damned good researchers. They take pride in their knowledge of prepping and want to share that knowledge with you, fellow preppers, in the form of prepper fiction.
Moreover, we believe that a well written novel can persuade a non-prepper to formulate a preparedness plan. Fiction can inspire us in a way that a sterile how-to book cannot. Sometimes it is difficult to articulate our reasons for prepping. The threats we face are many. To some, these threats seem far-fetched. The ones that we love, spouses, family, friends, may not be convinced. A common theme in prepper books includes characters that are not onboard with prepping. Some see the light, those who do not perish as a result. Prepper fiction paints a picture of life after TEOTWAWKI. Preppers and non-preppers alike will "get the picture".
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We have interacted with many readers who remember the novel that awakened their need to prepare. The post-apocalyptic fiction should lead you to ask:

What would I do if … ?
There are several more reasons prepper fiction can be instructive, as well as entertaining: A well written novel will provide the reader a complexity of issues from multiple perspectives. If you were to choose any topic of interest to the preparedness community, and present it in the form of a topographical map, you will find peaks and valleys. Most issues are multifaceted and prepping concepts are no different. The issue of security and the use of firearms is always a hot topic. A novelist can create a character who is opposed to guns and who must invent alternative methods of protection. Descriptive scenes and informative dialogue takes the place of a checklist of best firearms to own. Many authors are voracious researchers and they incorporate their knowledge into their work.

We are both guilty of this — in a good way. The information for preppers that pour out of a well written novel will fill your brain with checklists and preparedness ideas. Take advantage of the concepts the author teaches you. Take copious notes on the situations presented to the characters and the solutions they employ. Like enjoying a good meal, you’ll find the pace of reading will slow as you digest the information. Prepper fiction can also open the reader’s eyes to world events that may affect them. One of the most asked questions we receive on social media, via email or during our weekly podcast show relates to the question:

Many prepper novels provide a backstory on the collapse event. A post-apocalyptic story may begin with the event itself, immediately throwing the characters into the fray. Other novels require some build-up, especially when dealing with economic and societal collapse. Read all of the scenarios the top authors provide for you. However, we think you will find a common theme. Preparedness is all encompassing. Regardless of whether your TEOTWAWKI event is a loss of job, economic hardship, a natural disaster or the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano, the basic elements of a preparedness plan are the same. Prepper fiction will illustrate this for you.

Let us add a note about a book’s format. We live in a digital age and like many of you, a tablet computer or iPad has become a physical part of our bodies. We suggest purchasing hard copies of your most indispensable survival guides and prepper novels. Any preparedness plan should include a Prepper Resources Library in the event a grid down scenario prevents us from having access to our beloved electronic devices. You might as well get used to reading “Old School” because when the SHTF, we’ll be living like its 1899!

Steven Konkoly is the author of the hugely successful Perseid Collapse Series which follows the lives of a committed prepper family as they cope with a deadly pandemic followed by a devastating EMP attack on America, and its aftermath. You can learn more about Steve’s works at

Steve and Bobby are collaborating on an epic series of novels entitled The Boston Brahmin Series. Political suspense collides with post-apocalyptic thriller fiction as nine Bostonians whose lineage dates back to the American Revolution navigate the societal and economic collapse of America. Can The Loyal Nine save the republic while protecting the interests of their mysterious benefactors — The Boston Brahmin? Learn more at

Because you never know when the day before ... is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow.

~ by Bobby Akart, Contributing writer to the American Preppers Network and Amazon best selling author of The Boston Brahmin Series and Evil, Meet Opportunity.

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